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Artisan's Armory-

-is a simple, yet ever expanding pack. We're starting with Minecraft's tools and weaponry, but soon enough we'll be changing much more. The pack maintains the vanilla style, but isn't afraid to make the big changes. Frankly, I find Minecraft's colors to be lacking in many area's. That's why this pack fully overhauls the color pallets of each set. In addition, fun tweaks have been made to give each set a fresh feel from it's predecessors!

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Plans For the Future

  • Armor
  • Parity Ore Changes
  • Custom Buckets
  • Custom Enchantment Books
  • 3D Tools (when held)

If you have any ideas, please leave them below and I'll be sure to add it to the list. Anyways, thank you for checking out my pack!

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