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Avalon 32x v1.5


Avalon 32x v1.5 Changelog

Block Textures:

End Eye Coal Ore Block Frogspawn Lapis Ore Bamboo Door Bamboo Trapdoor Respawn Anchor Stages Oak Sapling Dark Oak Sapling Acacia Sapling Spruce Sapling Jungle Sapling Birch Sapling Warped Roots Pot Chiselled Nether Brick Iron Ore


Scute Axolotl Bucket Stone Tools Kelp Wooden Sword Bamboo Door Brush Glow Berries Broken Elytra Paper Map Filled Map Structure Void Sugar Redstone Dust Glowstone Dust Gunpowder Empty Slot (Redstone Dust) Brick Nether Brick Debug Stick Bread Glistering Melon Slice Melon Slice Apple Golden Apple Ghast Tear Wheat Beetroot Fishing Rod Carrot on a Stick Warped Fungus On A Stick Blaze Powder Turtle Helmet Compass Stages Recover Compass Stages Slime Ball Music Disc - Relic


Turtle Helmet


Chicken Tadpole Sniffer Dolphin Axolotl Fox Rabbits Polar Bear Turtle Elytra Allay Parrot Bat Pottery Pattern (Skull)

Retextured Blocks:

Chiseled Polished Blockstone Anvils Chain Stone Lush Cave Vines Moss Block Cobblestone Obsidian Mossy Cobblestone Dark Oak Log Red Nether Brick Dirt Path Block Gold Ore Coal Ore Brain Coral Quarts Brick Quarts Block End Stone Crying Obsidian


Wolf Howl

Retextured Items:

Ink Sack Glow Ink Sack Firework Signs Goat Horn Feather Stick Gold Axe Fire Charge Dragon Fireball Cherry Door


Dark Oak Log Models New Spawner Model New Arrow Holding Map Remake Animated Torches Removed Optifine Loading Colours Anvil Models Respawn Anchor Models End Portal Frame Cobweb Variation Cactus Model New Grass Model Variant Grindstone Animation New Leaves Model New Cauldron Model Beacon Model New Birch Log Model Deepslate CTM Bone Item Placement Better Torch Models New Dragon Egg Model


Hunger Bar XP Bar Changes Hotbar Changes Map Icons Recipe Book Social Interactions World Create Window Connection Bars


Realms Title Invitation Icons News Notification Invite Icon Accept Icon


Fox (Model) Chicken (Model) Polar Bear (Model)




Unknown Pack

Bug Fixes:

Removed Unicode Files Hoppers Gold Sword Item GUI Buttons Leaf colour count reduced Grass CTM Vanilla Mipmapping wont work Java Edition Title Broken

Mod Support:

Falling Leaves Effective Connected Textures Mod The Aether Biomes O'Plenty Tough As Nails Xaeros Minimap


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