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Block Hitboxes Indicator reveals the actual hitbox of the block so that you can do things without a jam; it shows the part where you can interact with them (through mining or placing next to them) and the part where their collision is present.

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Information & Recommendation

Here is what the hitbox color indicates:

Color Shows Collision Shows Interaction Shows Activation *
Green True True False *
Cyan True False False *
Red False False True *

--|| * As of 1.20, the red hitbox no longer works like it was, as of the new hitbox update. ||--

Recommend using this with Sodium, as it fixes the weird-looking lighting.

But if you can't, you can turn off the "Smooth Lighting" option in-game.


Terms of Use

Protected under a "NaiNonTheN00b1's ToU [Class II]"

Additional Note

  • OptiFine is optional — more like a good-to-have.1
  • Sodium is recommended


  1. Possibly be a frequently-asked question.


Thank you everyone for suggesting blocks!

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