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Candle cakes into different foods! The appearance of the cake also changes depending on the lit/unlit state of the candle. Check out the Gallery to see what they look like in-game! All the models randomly orient when placed to make the food nicer to decorate with.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Taking a bite out of any of these foods will revert it back to a cake!!!

Cake Changes Chart

CANDLE COLOR | Unlit | Lit

PLAIN | Bread Loaf | Loaves of Bread

WHITE | Teacup | Teapot

LIGHT GRAY | Chicken Wings |Rotisserie Chicken

GRAY | Soda/Beer Can | Soda/Beer Bottle

BLACK | Bowl of Stew | Pot of Stew

BROWN | Grilled Cheese | Sandwich

RED | Berry Pie Slice | Full Berry Pie

ORANGE | Slice of Pizza | Full Pizza

YELLOW | Cheese Wedge | Wheel of Cheese

LIME | Slice of Watermelon | Half of a Watermelon

GREEN | Bowl of Salad | Large Bowl of Salad

CYAN | Bowl of Pasta w/ Sauce | Pot of Pasta

LIGHT BLUE | Taco | Burrito

BLUE | Bowl of Milk | Milk Carton

PURPLE | Wine Bottle | Empty Wine Bottle

MAGENTA | Donut | Box of Donuts

PINK | Melting Ice Cream Cone | Bowl of Ice Cream

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