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Some blocks like hoppers and cauldrons use sprites, yet can be placed on the ground. Consistency rectifies this issue by having items render as their block models. Since every new model pulls from existing textures, it is compatible with other resource packs!

Additional Features

  • Enchanting Table given a new book model for accuracy
  • Boats, Minecarts, the End Crystal, and the Armor Stand feature models to match their entity counterparts
  • Lectern model no longer clips outside GUI slots
  • Bell block models no longer have stretched textures
  • Beds, Banners, and the Shield are now isometric
  • Shield moved down to increase visibility

All Supported Item categories

Miscellaneous Information

  • 1.20 Datapack Items: Items will only be supported once they are in a full release and not gated behind a datapack.
  • Earlier versions?: Only the most recent full release of Minecraft will be actively supported, though the pack should work in earlier versions.
  • Bedrock port?: Not planned.
  • Do I need Optifine?: Nope!
  • Modpack usage: I encourage you to use this in your modpack! You need to link back to this page or the Github repository in some fashion.

Originally created by shoveln.