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Halloween Pack Logo

This resource pack haunts your world with Halloween decor, while maintaining the default style. If you want the Autumn vibes without the spookiness of Halloween, try the Default-Style Fall Pack!

Entity Model Features & Entity Texture Features (or Optifine) RECOMMENDED!

What's Inside:

  • Autumn Foliage (similar to Default-Style Fall Pack)
  • Mobs have dressed up in costumes (Illagers, Ravagers, Iron Golems, Pigs, Frogs and Cats!)
  • Taiga Graveyards (Tombstones replace Tall Ferns)
  • Halloween Themed Foods & Candy Dyes
  • Spooky GUI

Additional Credits:

  • Thanks to Sixfootblue for the Skeletal Dripleaf models & textures! Check out their original pack here.

Images Line Break Halloween Mobs Tombstones Candies

Pairings Line Break Some resource packs and client-side mods that pair nicely with this resource pack!

  • [Mod][Fabric] 🍂Falling Leaves: adds gorgeous falling leaves that fits nicely with the fall theme.
  • [Resource Pack] 🕸Xali's Web: replaces Glow Lichen with cobwebs! Spooky!
  • [Resource Pack] 🔥Halloween Netherite: makes Netherite tools spooky and Halloween themed!
  • [Resource Pack] 👻The Boo Bandits: replaces Ravagers with a fun gang of ghosts in a carriage! Make sure to put it above this pack in the pack selector to override the Clown Ravager (requires Optifine).

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