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Introduction: This GUI-only resource pack is designed to seamlessly integrate with other resource packs. Just place it on top of your existing resource pack to experience a customized interface inspired by "Demon Slayer." I've not only changed the hot bar but also experimented with adding different pictures to each container. The chosen palette includes Green and Red, but I'm open to suggestions for alternative color schemes like Yellow and Blue or any other colors. Your feedback is essential, so feel free to contact me through the discord server. If you encounter any bugs, report them, and I'll fix them promptly.

Community Engagement: Join our Discord server to suggest and vote for the next pack, participate in anime discussions, and have the chance to win Discord Nitro giveaways every month. Discord Server

Feature Highlights:

  • Hud: Image
  • Settings: Image
  • Largest Chest: Image
  • Crafting: Image
  • Blast Furnace: Image
  • Enchant Table: Image
  • Cartography Table: Image
  • Grind Stone: Image
  • Loom: Image
  • Villager Trading Menu: Image

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