Vivifies the Minecraft world — more features to Minecraft.

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Foliage+ Tweaks is made to improve and animate the game landscapes by adding more features to many blocks, such as mushrooms and branches on logs, skulls on sands, and many more. It tries its best to be compatible with other resource packs, including custom models; therefore, you can have fun using Foliage+ Tweaks with Foliage+ — the main pack — and your other favorite resource pack. :)

Plus, it also comes with add-ons, which you can disable certain features of Foliage+ Tweaks that you dislike.


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Protected under a "NaiNonTheN00b1's ToU [Class II]"


Thank you to these guys for the inspiration!

And Faithful Community for Faithful resource pack, used in add-ons' pack.png

Specially, thank you to Blockbench for the Modeling software!

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