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Base Pack

Built for 1.19.4 + OptiFine HD U I3 or newer; issues may occur in older versions.


  • Updated Vex model and animations
  • Tweaked Drowned animation for 1.19.4
  • Improved Guardian and Elder Guardian
  • Tweaked Wolf slightly
  • Tweaked Cod slightly
  • Tweaked Salmon slightly
  • Tweaked Tropical Fish slightly
  • Tweaked Villager variation
  • Other various adjustments


  • Fixed Vex for 1.19.3 model
  • Fixed Vex model part support
  • Fixed Drowned arms for 1.19.4
  • Fixed Snow Fox eyes texture
  • Fixed Villager hat overlay UV
  • Fixed Villager nose offset when shaking head
  • Fixed Villager 'nope' action when riding or swimming
  • Fixed Horse, Donkey & variants' animation speed when ridden for 1.19.4
  • Fixed Frog walk animation speed for 1.19.4
  • Fixed Dolphin left eyelid and eye position from a distance
  • Mirrored UVs for Spider and Cave Spider legs
  • Other various fixes


The add-on pack has been split into separate 'extension' packs.

Fresh Animations Extensions has arrived! This is the new place for edits and add-ons for FA.

Extensions currently available for FA 1.8.1:

  • Creeper Edit 1.0
  • Details Add-on 1.0
  • Emissive Add-on 1.0
  • Quivers Add-on 1.0
  • Slamacow Add-on 1.0
  • Spider Edit 1.0
  • All Extensions 1.0

Links to community extensions can be found in the project description.

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