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What Does This Pack Do?

This pack adds 20 variations of glow lichen. If you have Optifine installed (or equivalent that uses the Optifine file path) the yellow spots on each texture will be emissive.

These pictures were taken at night. Picture of all the textures included in this pack

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Usage Rights

Using/modifying for personal use is allowed.

Use (even if modified) for monetized videos must include a link in the description back to this page.

Please ask before using my content in your mods/packs/etc. Do not redistribute.

Using this pack as a template to make your own textures that work the same way in game as mine do is allowed and encouraged. Please note that I've changed some of the names of the files from their vanilla counterparts - you will need to keep these names when changing out the textures or the files will not be able to find the textures.

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