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Hello! I'm thrilled to present my latest project - a set of massive, animated wings. This little venture was inspired by KeepMeow's Wings texture pack on Planet Minecraft, I loved the concept and wanted to do my own unique take on the concept.

These are purely cosmetic, but if paired with an Invisible Elytra texture pack, then you've got yourself a nice a pair of wings to fly with. And did I mention they're animated? That's right, I dove headfirst into the tricky world of texture animation. Making them open and close was actually a challenge I did not anticipate, but hey, where's the fun in easy? The wings do sway a little bit from side to side when in hand due to player animations but nothing major to worry about.

This pack requires either the Optifine mod or CIT Resewn if you're using Fabric. These mods lets you use the CIT functionality that lets you rename the items listed below to reveal the wings.

This Pack Adds:

  • Two custom 3D cosmetics:

Texture Pack Detail:

  • Feather Wings (rename a Totem of Undying or a Carved Pumpkin)
  • Black Feather Wings (rename a Totem of Undying or a Carved Pumpkin)

This was a fun project, probably will do more of it in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

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