Presence Footsteps X Origin Realms

Presence Footsteps X Origin Realms

Resource Pack

A resource pack to add support for the custom blocks of OriginRealms to the Presence Footsteps mod


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Presence Footsteps X Origin Realms

A resource pack that brings mod compatability for Presence Footsteps to the Origin Realms Server.

The Goal

The Origin Realms server utilizes note blocks with different instrument and pitch values to add custom blocks.
But due to the Presence Footsteps Mod's default blockmap file and the Origin Realms server not providing one of its own, are all custom blocks playing the "wood utility" sound when being stepped on.

Because of this, was this resource pack created, to bridge the gab between the mod and Server and make the experience on Origin Realms as good as possible while using the Presence Footsteps mod.

Notes and Disclaimers

This resource pack requires at least version r34-1.18 due to a bug in older versions ignoring specific block states for note blocks, which has been fixed since the aforementioned version.

This resource pack is not maintained, supported, nor endorsed by the Origin Realms team nor the Presence Footsteps maintainers.
Please do not contact them for any help with this resource and instead use the Issue Tracker on GitHub for reporting bugs or similar.

Version Schemes

The displayed versions of this resource pack mimic the versions of Origin Realms, to give an easy indicator about their supported server release.

It may happen that there is no new release of this resource pack while Origin Realms received multiple updates.
This shouldn't be an issue and usually means that no new blocks have been added that require an update.


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