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Introduction: It's GUI ONLY Resource pack so you can freely use it with other resource packs. Just place it on top of resource pack you use.

This is a GUI packed themed towards the show "Pokémon". Don't hesitate to comment down below, I have even changed hot bar as well hope you enjoy. I have taken the opportunity to experiment with adding different pictures to each container. The palette that I choose is Yellow & Blue but maybe in the future, If you guys want other colors like Pink & Red or any colors else. please tell me I will think about it! If you found any bugs please report to me I will fix it as soon as I can.

Check out the Discord server. where you can suggest and vote for the next pack , as well as participate in anime discussion. I will also being doing Discord nitro giveaways every month, You can find a link down below

Feature Highlights:

  • Settings: Image
  • Hud: Image
  • Stonecutter: Image
  • Crafting Table: Image
  • Brewing Stand: Image
  • Grind Stone: Image
  • Loom: Image
  • Furnace: Image
  • Beacon Menu: Image
  • Villager Trading Menu: Image

Community Engagement: Join our Discord server to suggest and vote for the next pack, participate in discussions, and have a chance to win Discord Nitro giveaways every month. Discord Server

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Thank you for your support! ❤️

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