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⚔️ Vanilla PVP ⚔️

A minimally intrusive, Jappa-styled resource pack intended for PVP and competitive usage.


💡 Emissive Ores! (requires Continuity)

⛏️ Shorter Tool & Weapon Viewmodels!

🏹 Colored Bow & Crossbow Stages!

🧪 Unobtrusive Particles!

🍎 Unobtrusive Food & Totems!

🎃 Transparent Pumpkin & Spyglass Overlays!

💎 Transparent Crystals!

📋 Transparent GUIs!

🔥 Low Fire!

🧮 ...And more to come!


This pack supports Respackopts for configuration. Respackopts allows you to pick and choose what features you want to be enabled for the pack, without having to manually edit the pack files yourself. To use it, simply install Respackopts on your fabric client and configure this pack from the Resource Packs screen.

Showcase (more images in the Gallery)

Showcase of Vanilla PVP Edits 0.1.0


Please report any issues on the Github page.


This pack is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International. You are free to use it in accordance with the terms listed there. Some features in this pack were taken from Vanillatweaks.net, credit goes to that project for all textures of theirs.