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✨ Redstone Tweaks for Bare Bones

This resource pack changes the style of Redstone Tweaks to match Bare Bones, whilst keeping all the features and customization options. It makes several hidden blockstates visible, adds useful charts in inventories and more!

Here's a short overview of most Redstone Tweaks features. Check out the Gallery to see the Bare Bones styling!

🛠️ Customisation

Redstone Tweaks for Bare Bones also comes with full ResPackOpts support, allowing you to toggle features and adjust every little detail to your liking. There's an explanation video over on RexxStone's YouTube channel going over all you need to know!

⚠️ Important

For technical reasons, some features like signal strength charts only work properly when Minecraft is set to English. Sorry for any inconveniences caused!

❤️ Like this Pack?

We put a lot of passion and effort into creating Redstone Tweaks for Bare Bones, so if you decide to use it in your online content (YouTube videos, Twitch streams etc.) We'd be really grateful for a shout-out or a short mention.
Simply paste the following text into your description:

Resource Pack: Redstone Tweaks for Bare Bones

🙏🏻 Credits & Special Thanks

Redstone Tweaks for Bare Bones is a massive project! Naturally, some inspiration, textures and models come from other creators. Go check them all out!

For more info on individual textures and models, check out the "credits.txt" file within the resource pack.

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