Sandstone Tweaks

Sandstone Tweaks

A collection of vanilla-style improvements to Sandstone blocks


Created 5 months ago
Updated 5 months ago

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Sandstone Tweaks

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This resource pack contains a variety of tweaks and changes to the Sandstone and Red Sandstone block ranges. It includes two of the textures from my Chiseled! pack, and part of the premise of All-Sides Sandstone, as well as some completely new changes.

Primarily it includes the following changes:

  • Chiseled Sandstone and Chiseled Red Sandstone feature the all-sides texture found in Chiseled!
  • Cut Sandstone and Cut Red Sandstone feature the panel part of the texture expanded to cover the whole block, including the top face. This is best observed in the screenshots or in-game.
  • The Cut and raw Sandstone slabs now have proper textures rather than just the bottom of the full-block, making them look a lot nicer. Again, best explained visually.
  • Sandstone and Red Sandstone now feature the rocky/cobble-y texture on all of their faces, making them more tillable - in walls etc.
  • This has also been applied to the stars and slabs - removing the smooth surface from the top.
  • Other internal features such as the renaming of textures to fit their new uses.

This pack hopes to make your desert builds look just that little bit better! Enjoy


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.