Vanilla-like Bushy Leaves

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Simply Bushier is a resource pack that makes your Vanilla Minecraft leaves look bushier, "but..." it takes the simplest way possible to create them:

Simply Bushier uses 3 cubes with 2 faces on each cube for each leaves block — that is 6 faces in total - which is the same amount as the vanilla, so this resource pack won't give a drastic drop in FPS, compared to the other similar bushy leaves resource packs, and will get rid of the block cut as well.

Known- Issue

  1. Texture flickering when the different variants of leaves are placed next to each other. (perhaps fixable, but will ruin the concept of the pack)
  2. Lighting flickering (perhaps unfixable)

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Protected under a "NaiNonTheN00b1's ToU [Class II]"


Big thanks to Blockbench for the Modeling software!

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