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Spectral v0.5.3 for 1.17-1.20.x


NOTE: I've tested the versions this version claims to support! If you get a warning about a version mismatch, you can still apply the pack and it should work fine

Hi! It's been a hot minute, I haven't had much chance to work on this pack a lot. Not all building blocks are complete yet, but I did add the following.

  • added diamond block texture
  • added gold block and raw gold block texture
  • added iron block texture
  • added iron bars texture
  • added iron doors and trapdoor textures
  • added a pack overlay for 1.20.3+*

* This version makes use of the new pack overlays feature added in 1.20.2. This means the downloaded zip file works both on versions lesser and greater than 1.20.3, which renamed the former grass block to short_grass.

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