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A gentle 16x16 resource pack with a familiar yet unique feel.

This resource pack aims to keep a familiar tone, but with a bit more warmth. It is not vanilla-like, every texture has been created completely from scratch. Some blocks look decently different from their vanilla counterparts, but still fit in with the overall feel of minecraft.

There are some continuity/optifine-only features, but the pack should still look good without either!

Shameless plug

If you want to support me beyond just downloading the pack and spreading the word, you can support me on ko-fi! Doing this will provide no benefit other than giving me a nice drink for a day.

Obligatory WIP warning

This resource pack is far from finished and still has quite a while to go! There is a decent chunk of blocks unfinished, only a couple of entities have been done, and there are very, very few items.

I work on this in my spare time, and updates are sparse. That being said, it does already give a very unique feel to the overworld.

Some features

  • Most of the natural spawning overworld blocks have been finished
  • Some slabs, when doubled, turn into a different texture
  • There is some amount of texture variation, especially with grass
  • The grass and leaf colormaps have been tweaked

There are also some extra features planned, other than retexturing just about every block, item, element and UI element

  • All double slabs will have a different texture
  • There will be more texture variation, again with a focus on plants and foliage
  • (MAYBE) a complementary CIT pack, which is a distant goal, but we can dream


The following add-ons are available for Spectral

  • Legacy Planks: turns the crimson and jungle planks back into their old colors

A note about mod compatability

There is no mod compat at the moment, and there might never be. I'm a single person creating this in my spare time, who already has a decent amount of plans for this resource pack. It would simply be too much work.

That being said, if you want to create an addon pack that introduces mod compat, let me know. I'm more than willing to give permission to use some assets of this resource pack if you need that!

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