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NOTE: I've tested the versions this version claims to support! If you get a warning about a version mismatch, you can still apply the pack and it should work fine

Hi! It's been a hot minute, I haven't had much chance to work on this pack a lot. Not all building blocks are complete yet, but I did add the following.

  • added diamond block texture
  • added gold block and raw gold block texture
  • added iron block texture
  • added iron bars texture
  • added iron doors and trapdoor textures
  • added a pack overlay for 1.20.3+*

* This version makes use of the new pack overlays feature added in 1.20.2. This means the downloaded zip file works both on versions lesser and greater than 1.20.3, which renamed the former grass block to short_grass.

Textures & Model updates

  • add the missing blackstones (polished blackstone, blackstone bricks, gilded blackstone, chiseled blackstone)
  • add double slabs for blackstone and blackstone bricks
    • double slabs for regular blackstone has a cobbled bricks texture, blackstone bricks have a tile texture
  • add smooth basalt and polished basalt
  • tweak lanterns
    • the metal part of lanterns is now darker
    • fix some issues with the lantern model
  • add soul torches and soul lanterns
    • both of their models have been updated to match their regular counterparts
  • add chains
  • add red nether bricks
  • add chiseled nether bricks
  • add mycelium
  • add overlay textures for podzol, visible when using optifine or continuity
    • podzol now has an overlay texture on adjacent blocks, similar to grass blocks
    • it overlays the same blocks as grass blocks, but also includes grass blocks themselves

Up Next

No promises, but I'm going to try to focus on getting the last of the building blocks tab of the creative inventory done, which means!

  • mineral blocks like iron blocks, redstone blocks, diamond blocks, etc. will be finished
  • copper blocks are also on the table
  • endstone + variants as well as purpur should be included
  • that's honestly it, i don't think there's much more to the building blocks tab! which is super exciting

That's all folks, have a great one

  • update pack format to 1.20
  • added cherry logs, leaves, planks, fence and (trap)doors
  • added bamboo stalks, wood, (mosaic) planks, fence and (trap)doors
  • fixed an issue with mossy cobblestone slabs
  • added all regular signs (NOT hanging signs. those still need done)

I'm hoping to change my release schedule to smaller, more regular updates rather than bigger ones that are sporadic!

Here's your reminder that there's a Legacy Planks add-on that changes crimson/jungle wood to their former colors!

Small update this time! In preparation for 1.20 the crimson and jungle plank colors have been changed as they were too close to cherry and bamboo wood respectively

  • updated crimson planks (+ other textures using it)
  • updated jungle planks (+ other textures using it)
  • added the old planks textures as the double slab texture

I'll be releasing an add-on pack that restores the old crimson and jungle planks textures, and adds the new textures as the double slabs. It now available over here.

Hey! Long time no see huh, here's a smaller update that took me an enormous amount of time because I was busy with life... and... stuff.

This was meant to be a more farming-oriented update until I pivoted around and shifted my focus on beds instead. Enjoy!


  • added composter
  • updated crafting table
  • added sweet berry bushes
  • added carrots
  • added flower pots
  • added all beds. all 16 of them

Flower pots

  • flower pots change texture based on what flower you put in them
  • there are 8 type of pots: normal, desert, jungle, stone, tulips, fancy, nether and gilded nether
  • have fun finding out which potable plant belongs in which group!


  • almost all beds have an unique pattern
  • bed frames can change color based on the color of bed
  • there's a screenshot of these beds in the Gallery now

Next update will be focused on making changes in preparation for 1.20.

  • Including changing the jungle and crimson wood tones so that bamboo and cherry wood can remain closer to vanilla.
  • If mojang ever adds gray wood in the future, the same will happen to acacia.
  • I might release an add-on pack that reverts jungle and crimson wood to their original shades, as well as giving non-vanilla tones to bamboo and cherry wood.

That's all for now, cheers!

A bigger update! Motivation struck and I did a lot of blocks, with a focus on the nether.

Overworld blocks

  • Added reinforced and chiseled deepslate
  • Added sea lanterns
  • Added nether bricks and cracked nether bricks
  • Added mud bricks

Nether blocks

  • Added soul sand and soul soil
  • Completed crimson forest textures (nether wart block, crimson fungus)
  • Completed warped forest (warped wart block, warped fungus, warped roots, nether sprouts)
  • Added basalt (natural only) and blackstone (natural only)

Uploaded to modrinth for the first time, these changes are in comparison with the previous version on Planet Minecraft.

  • Tweaked leaf and grass base textures and biome overlays so custom biomes with vibrant leaf/grass colors don't get dulled (this was an issue with warm tones especially)

  • Finished all wooden trapdoor textures

  • Minorly tweaked some doors

  • Added obsidian and magma blocks

  • Added pumpkins and jack o' lanterns

  • Redid pack.png

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