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Stefan's Armors'N'Items

All the custom armors's and items from "BetterVanillaBuilding" as their own package.


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By StefanJ2_

One of the main appeals from the BetterVanillaBuilding texturepack are the custom Armor, tool and elytra sets.For some players though, this is the only appeal of the pack. If that person is you then this addon is exactly what you need!

This addon contains only BetterVanillaBuilding's custom sets

Make sure to join the discord server to remain up to date on pack progress!

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You can see all the features BetterVanillaBuilding has to offer on our minecraft server.

Can't access the pack showcase server? Try the singleplayer version here:

Optifine is recommended with this pack. Want to use the pack on fabric? Use this modpack to do so: