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VanillaXBR - 1.16.5


Ugh... what month is it? It's been FOUR since the last one!? Yikes, I've really gotten ahead of myself for this...

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas. Yes, it's been a long time and I usually post monthly. You must believe me when I say that I've updated several things, and that it's all worth it for everybody.

First of all, I have overhauled several block textures to near perfection. I have found a new method of upscaling with xBR, and have applied it to as many textures that I could find that were stylistically 'layered' and needed it. This includes all 'Brick' block textures, all Dispensers and the Furnace, all Door and Trapdoor textures, the terrain and Grass textures, and some miscellaneous ones like TNT and Beehives, just to name a few! This was the main reason why this pack took so long to release; I just kept going and going with those.

Full list of updates
-tweaked grass block and dirt
-redone mycelium texture
-redone snow side texture
-redone podzol side texture
-redone path side texture
-updated pack icon grass
-redone all chest textures
-redone all doors
-updated jukebox texture
-made coral and dead coral textures more consistent
-redone crimson and warped stem with xBRZ
-redone bricks using xBRZ
-tweaked cobblestone texture
-updated beacon UI texture
-tweaked moon textures
-redone all wood textures
-redone barrel
-tweak sugar cane
-redone all trapdoors
-tweaked weeping vines

-tweaked bamboo leaves
-redone cauldron item texture
-redone brick texture
-redone all nether brick textures
-redone red nether brick
-tweaked lodestone texture
-redone all stone brick textures
-redone dark prismarine texture
-redone prismarine bricks
-redone all blackstone brick textures
-redone all quartz brick textures
-redone all purpur textures
-tweaked emerald block texture
-tweaked all nylium textures
-redo coarse dirt
-redone target block
-redone tnt bottom and top textures
-updated options background with new dirt texture
-redone magma
-fixed all conduit textures
-redo trap doors
-redone end_stone texture
-tweaked all ores
-tweaked armour stand
-update observer texture
-redone dispenser texture
-redone dropper texture
-redone beehive texture
-redone bee nest texture
-tweaked end crystal texture
-redone all ores with xBRZ
-redone shield textures
-redo sweet berry bushes


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