This is a Resource Pack that gives the game a smooth but familiar look.

If you've always wanted textures that preserve the essence of the originals and don't over-detail, this is the pack for you. Pixels are accurately blended into each other to create a more high-defenition version of the Minecraft textures. In fact it's so accurate, textures will start to look nearly identical from a distance.

VanillaXBR utilises image-upscaling algorithms in creating parts of its textures, which ensures that nothing of the vanilla Minecraft look is lost.

Minecraft Grass Block using VanillaXBR

So if you love Vanilla, look no further than this!

How was this made?

This resource pack utilises a scaling method on the textures called 'xBR'. If you've used a retro console emulator before then you might be able to recognise it.

xBR was made by Hyllian to upscale pixel art four times its original size. I'd like to give credit to him, as this pack would have not been possible without it.

The tools I used to utilise the xBR algorithm outside of the emulators it was designed for were scripted versions of ImageResizer and Zenju's xBRZ. I then went into paint.net to edit and combine textures in post. Feel free to make your own xBR Resource Packs by upscaling your own textures! Try using our very own PackXBR utility on ones you already use. I would love to see what you come up with.


Special thanks to vanillatweaks.net for inspiration

#- Lower Terrain Sides
#- Visual Honey
#- Lower Fire
#- Gui Scale 3x Fix (explaination & recommended text-fixing pack from @obscure)
#- xBR Clouds (fast clouds setting only)

A lazy upscale is a bad upscale.

(disclaimer) While some upscale projects may take a hands-off approach to upscaling, VanillaXBR stands out. I personally assemble these textures by hand, dedicating countless hours of work over the course of three plus years. This level of care and attention guarantees that the textures produced are of the highest possible quality, with no compromises.

Unlike AI-based algorithms, xBR is a meticulously designed scaling algorithm that I hold in high regard and use in a way that respects its capabilities.


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