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To celebrate the 5th anniversary of VanillaXBR.

This is a special edition of the resource pack - a fully developed version for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3!

Every texture has been upscaled and made by me.

REQUIRED: Back2Beta, Optfine, or any old Minecraft client mod that can support HD textures. I recommend Back2Beta because it's the easiest to install with Prism Launcher.

"but where's 1.21?"
It's coming in a couple of weeks. Please enjoy this treat in the meantime. Keep updated on my Discord server.

Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.20.4 and 1.20.3. This means that this version will include...

  • Added all 1.21 Experimental Feature textures
  • 10.8MB install size (thanks Obscure & rhys!)
  • Tweaked Door Hinges
  • Tweaked Sword TIp

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy the update.

Full list of updates
  added missing GUI elements
  updated pack.mcmeta
  updated all crossbow textures
  updated main menu logo
  tweak sword texture tips
  updated Realms icons
  tweaked all door hinges
  add all 1.21 experimental textures

  updated end_crystal
  update apple & golden apple
  update barrier
  update structure_void
  update ladder.png

Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.20.2. This means that this version will include...

  • 30% smaller install size (Obscure & rdh)
  • Entity+misc tweaks and changes

The VanillaXBR project has been released to GitHub for better insight and progress tracking. Contributions will be limited, but this is a step towards transparency. In the time since the last update, we've also released PackXBR!. This gives you the ability to easily upscale your existing textures and packs. Experimentation is highly encouraged.

A special thank you to CodeF53; PackXBR would have been an absolute pipe-dream otherwise. And thanks to the Discord community, as well as every single downloader that keeps me going. We're not done yet!

Full list of updates
  optimised all textures to significaly reduce install size
  attribution in pack.mcmeta is now on a proper new line
  updated pack.mcmeta to show version
  remade filled map markings texture
  added map_background_checkerboard.png
  updated dead_bush.png
  updated hay_block_side.png
  remade torch.png textures
  added unknown_pack.png
  -- entity updates --
  updated blaze.png
  updated spider_eyes.png
  updated guardian_elder.png
  tweaked warden.png (ribcage)
  updated dolphin.png
  updated chicken.png
  restructured 'gui' folder
  removed 'realms' folder
  restored donkey.png 
  removed decorated_pot textures from Creeper
  converted end_portal.png to xBRZ
  tweaked map_icons.png

Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.20 and 1.20.1. This means that this version will include:

  • All 1.20 textures
  • New panorama!
  • Custom main menu logo!

(update video coming soon)

Again, thank you for your patience in waiting for this release. VanillaXBR is typically a resource pack that updates first. I have made steps to keep this true.

You can catch up on live progress in our Discord server under the #roadmap channel, including other plans & direct communication. This project now has a Github that will be actively pushed so that the updated builds are always accessible.

Much love, and keep an ear out for our future plans :).

Full list of updates
-tweaked purple_glazed_terracotta
-not much else. 

Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.19.4. This means that this version will include:

  • 70% compatibility with 1.20 (coming very soon)
  • Fixed mipmapping; textures will look better at a distance.
  • Removed small text on pack.png
  • Various small tweaks
  • Added all 1.20 experimental textures
    • incl. armour trims, that are 1.20 ready.

You may have been anticipating a 1.20 release. As they've both been worked on in parallel, most of it is ready and will be completely finished in a week or two! Thank you for your patience.

If interested please join the Discord, where you'll be able to see the progress tracker, sneak peeks and a direct line of communication to me if you have any questions. Believe me; the future's exciting!

Full list of updates
-added all 1.19.4 textures
-removed text from pack.png
-fixed mipmapping issues!
-tweaked Sheep texture
-tweaked Bamboo Stem texture
-redone Fletching Table textures
-Rooted Dirt tiles properly
-tweaked Warped_roots
-Removed duplicate sculk_catalust_side_bloom and reinforced_deepslate_alt textures
-tweaked and improved drip particle textures
-tweaked beehive_front_honey texture
-tweaked brown_mushroom texture
-remade Sand texture
-remade Gravel texture
-tweaked Rocket item texture
-Set rooted dirt to not tile

Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.19.3. This means that this version will include

  • All 1.20 preview features (camels, bamboo, chiselled bookshelves)
  • Some important updates to common blocks (grass block, stone)
  • A custom panorama

I am also introducing a new logo. This will eventually come with new preview videos and gallery photos, so please let me know if you have any feedback for these changes :).

And finally, I am taking a different format for these update logs, focusing on being quick and to the point. Thank you!

Full list of updates
-added all 1.19.3 textures
-updated grass side and overlay textures
-tweaked stone texture
-creative UI updated

-aliased nautilus shell
-tweaked frog texture feet
-improved spider eyes and textures
-fixed 'flash' particle being missing

Over 1.19 adds the chat reporting UI elements, among small tweaks.

WARNING 2022: This version is horribly* outdated and textures may look broken. This is here just for fun.

  • I recently found the first ever version of VanillaXBR on a lost hard drive. So, here it is. See how far we've come.

Originally Released: June 7th, 2019

WARNING 2022: This version is horribly outdated and textures may look broken.

Originally Released: Oct 23rd, 2019

Hello! That's right, this pack is now simply for 1.15, please enjoy!

WARNING 2022: This version is horribly outdated and textures may look broken.

Full list of updates
-added 1.15 block textures
-fixed iron golem texture and converted it to 1.15
-added bee texure
-upgraded ui to 1.15 look 

- coarse, gravel, snow, side grass, and side path textures tile better
-fixed chest textures
-fixed enchanted item glint
-the underwater overlay is now in xBR
-fixed up mob_effect textures
-coral textures now tile better
-bed textures are now seamless
-updated grass textures
-filled texture gaps in turtle egg texture
-vines now tile better
-log textures now tile better
-mossy cobblestone tiles better
-fixed horse patterns 

-fixed lever top
-fixed andersite tiling
-fixed grass edge thing
-tiled sand and red sand textures.
-tiled sandstone and red sandstone textures
-fixed creeper on chiselled sandstone texture.
-mycelium tiles better
-fixed wool tiling
-dirt top tiles better
-grass top tiles better
-diorite tile
-fix realms textures not appearing
-tweaked nonlatin european text
-banner patterns now use the alpha channel instead of black.
-removed textures for customized world type preset icons, except Isles.
-shield pattern textures now use alpha level for determining what gets the color, instead of the brightness.
-the ender dragon no longer has a separate texture for the bottom of its wing, and is XBR
-aliassed xp
-tiled glowstone
-fixed diamond on the side of enchantment table
-fixed zombie legs
-tall grass tile better
-removed white patches on breaking texture
-improved crossbow texture
-fixed advancement texture
-fixed top of cactus
-fixed missing pixels on side of turtle
-fixed arrows on villager trading UI 

-fixed seagrass texture
-tall seagrass textures have been fixed and tile better
-new logo!
-sharpened fatigue ui sword
-fixed small UI fatigue icon
-tweaked internet connection symbols
-fixed a few missing pixels on the redstone item
-improved banner patterns (texture bases)(minor renovation needed)
-improved shield patterns
-updated books on bookshelves
-fixed wood on the banner
-aliased stone sword
-aliased rain
-aliased llama designs
-stonecutter blade now looks more like its rotating
-removed text folder, including custom splash text
-removed unnecessary block models

-tweaked salmon
-tweaked cod
-aliased tropical fish
-tweaked puffer fish
-tweaked drowned
-tweaked husk
-tweaked wandering trader design
-tweaked mule
-tweaked zombie horse
-tweaked fox textures
-tweaked parrot textures
-tweaked bat
-tweaked blaze eyes
-tweaked ravagers eyes
-tweaked illagers and pillagers
-tweaked evoker fangs
-tweaked witch
-tweaked chicken
-tweaked zombie
-tweaked wither

-tiled all unedited block textures
-tiled coal block
-tiled end stone bricks
-tiled hay block top
-tiled melon side and top
-tiled stone brick and mossy stone brick
-tiled mushroom block inside and stem
-tiled brown mushroom block
-tiled snow
-tiled sponge and wet sponge
-aliased lilypad
-tiled end stone
-tiled obsidian
-tiled compressed ice
-tiled blue ice
-tiled normal ice
-tiled frosted ice cracking animation
-tiled redstone
-tiled terracotta
-tiled concrete powder
-tiled all primaries
-tiled lava and water textures
-tiled magma 

Originally Released: Dec 11th, 2019

Ugh... what month is it? It's been FOUR since the last one!? Yikes, I've really gotten ahead of myself for this...

Hello everybody! Merry Christmas. Yes, it's been a long time and I usually post monthly. You must believe me when I say that I've updated several things, and that it's all worth it for everybody.

First of all, I have overhauled several block textures to near perfection. I have found a new method of upscaling with xBR, and have applied it to as many textures that I could find that were stylistically 'layered' and needed it. This includes all 'Brick' block textures, all Dispensers and the Furnace, all Door and Trapdoor textures, the terrain and Grass textures, and some miscellaneous ones like TNT and Beehives, just to name a few! This was the main reason why this pack took so long to release; I just kept going and going with those.

Full list of updates
-tweaked grass block and dirt
-redone mycelium texture
-redone snow side texture
-redone podzol side texture
-redone path side texture
-updated pack icon grass
-redone all chest textures
-redone all doors
-updated jukebox texture
-made coral and dead coral textures more consistent
-redone crimson and warped stem with xBRZ
-redone bricks using xBRZ
-tweaked cobblestone texture
-updated beacon UI texture
-tweaked moon textures
-redone all wood textures
-redone barrel
-tweak sugar cane
-redone all trapdoors
-tweaked weeping vines

-tweaked bamboo leaves
-redone cauldron item texture
-redone brick texture
-redone all nether brick textures
-redone red nether brick
-tweaked lodestone texture
-redone all stone brick textures
-redone dark prismarine texture
-redone prismarine bricks
-redone all blackstone brick textures
-redone all quartz brick textures
-redone all purpur textures
-tweaked emerald block texture
-tweaked all nylium textures
-redo coarse dirt
-redone target block
-redone tnt bottom and top textures
-updated options background with new dirt texture
-redone magma
-fixed all conduit textures
-redo trap doors
-redone end_stone texture
-tweaked all ores
-tweaked armour stand
-update observer texture
-redone dispenser texture
-redone dropper texture
-redone beehive texture
-redone bee nest texture
-tweaked end crystal texture
-redone all ores with xBRZ
-redone shield textures
-redo sweet berry bushes


Here we have the full release of VanillaXBR for 1.17! In order to keep as faithful as I can to the base textures, I only start working on newer versions once the pre-releases start rolling out. So it has been quite the job to get this done. I have worked tirelessly to make the most polished release yet, and I feel it delivers! Please spend some time admiring every new texture in the game if you can.

I've also redone the entirety of the UI. This includes the Inventory and the hotbar. In addition to that, I've also added a new panorama! And in addition to even that, I'm trying out a new format for showing off these updates, and that's in video form! If you don't want to read all of this (as I'm sure you don't), you can view this video here. I will be making these for every update released from now on, so please enjoy them.

Full list of updates
-new panorama! thanks to Stridey on PMC for the recreated map and LudoCrypt for the panorama mod.
-redone every UI element
-made spyglass UI more accurate
-tweaked/fixed elyra model texture
-redone rail textures
-removed optifine connected tinted glass (for now, it was ugly)
-aliased bucketed axolotl texture
-tweaked spruce_trapdoor

-tweaked lava bucket texture
-removed 'footprint' particle
-fixed sculk sensor vibration texture missing
-tweaked cow eyes & texture
-redone some loom textures
-tweaked golden apple texture
-tweaked blaze powder texture
-updated advancement background textures
-redone hotbar UI
-tweaked saddle texture
-tweaekd encahntment table texture
-tweaked bottle textures
-tweaked spruce door
-redone torch and soul torch

-added and tweaked all 1.17 textures!-
-tweaked sea pickle texture
-redone dry farmland texture
-tweaked iron bars
-redone flame and soul flame particles

-redone lava bucket
-updated siamese cat
-tweaked all bucket textures
-tweaked item frame texture
-added sweep particle effect
-redone item frame texture
-tweaked tripwire hook
-redone all scaffolding textures


It's Caves & Cliffs Part 2! Although the update itself is pretty massive, there aren't too many additions texture-wise. Some quality-of-life stuff, one music disc and that's it. In regards to that entity update that I mentioned last time, I'm still working on it. The Cow, Bee, Polar Bear, and Hoglin will be revamped today, but the others will wait until next time. Beds have also been improved. Included in this update is also a custom panorama! The differences are minor, but they are there. Please enjoy the update video and the update itself. Enjoy!

Full list of updates
-redone all Bed textures
-tweaked all Cow textures
-redone Polar Bear texture
-redone Bee texture
-tweaked Ghast texture
-tweaked Zombified Hoglin texture

-custom Panorama
-tweaked seed textures
-tweaked and fixed several textures updated for 1.18
-redo villager rank textures
-tweaked iron trapdoor
-redone comparator texture
-tweaked cave vine textures
-redone campfire item textures
-tweaked UI a bit
-redone all music discs
-tweaked shulker shell item
-tweaked command block minecart texture
-tweaked repeater and comparator tip
-tweaked polished granite, andersite and diorite
-fixed cartographer monicle
-redone all bed textures


It's been a long time since the last update, in fact the longest there's been without one. Things have gotten busy for me personally. But regardless of that, here it is; VanillaXBR for 1.19, on time!

Unfortunately there won't be an update video on release this time round. It's taking longer than expected. In the meantime though, I'll just tell you the stand out features. A new breaking block texture animation! Fixed fonts for Russian (hopefully). More accurate shield banner pattern textures. A new bookshelf texture. Updated the lapis texture in Enchantment Tables. And of course, added all the new 1.19 blocks and entities.

I hope you enjoy this update. Please let me know what you think in the comments :). Safe to you all.

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