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VanillaXBR - 1.20.2


Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.20.2. This means that this version will include...

  • 30% smaller install size (Obscure & rdh)
  • Entity+misc tweaks and changes

The VanillaXBR project has been released to GitHub for better insight and progress tracking. Contributions will be limited, but this is a step towards transparency. In the time since the last update, we've also released PackXBR!. This gives you the ability to easily upscale your existing textures and packs. Experimentation is highly encouraged.

A special thank you to CodeF53; PackXBR would have been an absolute pipe-dream otherwise. And thanks to the Discord community, as well as every single downloader that keeps me going. We're not done yet!

Full list of updates
  optimised all textures to significaly reduce install size
  attribution in pack.mcmeta is now on a proper new line
  updated pack.mcmeta to show version
  remade filled map markings texture
  added map_background_checkerboard.png
  updated dead_bush.png
  updated hay_block_side.png
  remade torch.png textures
  added unknown_pack.png
  -- entity updates --
  updated blaze.png
  updated spider_eyes.png
  updated guardian_elder.png
  tweaked warden.png (ribcage)
  updated dolphin.png
  updated chicken.png
  restructured 'gui' folder
  removed 'realms' folder
  restored donkey.png 
  removed decorated_pot textures from Creeper
  converted end_portal.png to xBRZ
  tweaked map_icons.png


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