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Vanillin is a semi-realistic resource pack for Minecraft, closely resembling vanilla (hence the name) but handpainted in an unique, stylized way by fantasy illustrator @yevvie. Vanillin attempts to fill the niche between cartoony and photorealistic, while keeping the original tone and vibrancy of the game.


Architectural Integrity

Ever downloaded a pack mid-playthrough and applied it just to see your existing build suddenly look awful and out of place? No more disappointment like that! Vanillin keeps the balance of tone and color of original Minecraft block, making it so your build palette is just as smooth as it was before.

Shader-free Beauty

Not everyone wants or can use shaders - this is why Vanillin is developed to look good without them. However, if you would like to use shaders with our pack we recommend Complementary Shaders by EminGTR.


Texturing started at 1.19, although once the baseline of the pack is done more versions will be supported. The timeline of these updates highly depends on the funding to free up our artist's queue and allow them to work full time on this pack.


Once the baseline is completed, the plan is to release extra packs with variants of textures to create more rich and organic experience. This will be done both for Optifine and Fabric mods.

The variety packs will be announced as we work on them, and patrons will be able to vote on their favorites and help us with choosing the priorities. This also includes external mod support and more. Stay tuned for extra info!

For extra info check our website!


If you want to influence the future of this pack, check out our Patreon for exclusive alpha and beta tests, patreon exclusive polls and feature requests, and high resolution packs.

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