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Versatility is a resource pack which focuses on converging vanilla (recent versions of Minecraft) and pvp (old Minecraft) elements in the same environment. Of course, it also develops based on the intended version. Versatility for 1.8.9 is much more about pvp, just like the same pack but for 1.20.2 is more aimed at vanilla.

In any case, you will enjoy characteristics of both areas, such as:

  • Slight remodeling of some blocks, emphasizing three-dimensionalism and a sense of depth;
  • Connected Texture Models (CTM);
  • Dark theme UI's;
  • Minimalist hotbar;
  • Better grass (Inspired by Optifine's Fast Better Grass);
  • Smoother font (WIP);
  • New enchantment glint.

In addition to others more targeted on just one version:

  • Custom sky (1.8.9);
  • Backported modern Minecraft textures (1.8.9);
  • Blurried entity shadows (1.8.9).

This pack also has some tweaks, but nothing too severe. I'm not a big fan of features that fall outside the scope of Minecraft. But hey, have fun putting other resource packs alongside this one!

... And there are certainly other smaller changes that I just haven't expressed here. Feel free to discover what would they be. Take advantage of your versatility!

  • For those of you who have read this far, know that the icon for this pack is the netherite sword with the model for 1.8.9!

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