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Versatility 1.1.0 beta



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

  • The [Keep a Changelog] format is slightly changed to adapt it to the needs, still maintaining all the proposed principles.
  • Versatility aims to provide new versions for 1.8.9 and the most recent Minecraft release. 1.12.2 can sometimes receive an update, but it is not guaranteed.

[Unreleased] - 2022-12-07 - Planned to be 1.1.0


  • Smooth lighting (ambient occlusion) to cauldron.
  • Backported some new vanilla textures.
  • The dark theme has been extended to other locals.
  • The remanescent highlighted arrows, which was textured with a blue color, now follows the new texture arrows.


  • Reworked custom skies properties.
  • Changed bottom night sky.
  • The selected hotbar slot now is a little detailed.
  • Reworked glass block. With this, all visible textures from the pack are now in 16x16 resolution.
  • Entity shadows now has more gaussian blur on it.
  • Previous changelogs have been reviewed, along with adding an adaptation notice and changing the file format.
  • Desaturated backported dark oak textures (Golden pixels on that textures also received this coloring process, see the dark oak door, for example). The original ones were giving me nausea.
  • New font (WIP).
  • Renamed Resource Pack. It is Versatility!


  • Missing pixel in the center of the sky bottom.
  • Color corrections for dark theme textures being too light or too dark.
  • As a new font was created, this resolves some inconsistencies from the old one.

[1.0.1] - 2022-11-15


  • New day sky; the last was too bright.

[1.0.0] - 2022-11-12


  • Name, description, changelog and icon.
  • CTM (Connected Texture Models) for some blocks. (clay, coarse_dirt, dirt, dirt_podzol, glass, grass, gravel, mycelium, red_sand, sand, snow)
  • New sky.
  • New models. (daylight_detector, daylight_detector_inverted, enchanting_table_base, end_portal_frame_empty, jukebox, ladder, vine)
  • Smooth lighting (ambient occlusion) to some blocks. (ladder, vine)
  • Backported modern vanilla textures.
  • Darked textures. (cobblestone, cobblestone_mossy, deadbush, leaves_big_oak, tallgrass)
  • New block textures. (glass, ice, ice_packed, tallgrass)
  • New minimalist glass block.
  • Clear ices, but detailed a bit.
  • Reduced fire screen overlay.
  • Now using the same top texture of grass block and variants for their sides (dirt_podzol_side, grass_path_side, grass_side_overlay, grass_side_snowed, mycelium_side)
  • New font.
  • Dark themed GUI's.
  • Changed the dirt texture background to netherite block one.
  • Minimalist hotbar.
  • Colorized ping indicator.
  • Smaller crosshair.
  • Dark loading screen.
  • Fixed pixels inconsistencies in vanilla.
  • Some highlighted arrows are now lightened in a similar way to regular buttons, instead of a bluish color in the entire texture.
  • New item textures. (bow_pulling_0, bow_pulling_1, bow_pulling_2, bow_standby, diamond and golden tools, all swords, armor slots)
  • New enchantment glint.
  • Bluried entity shadows.


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