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Villager Variety

Adds skin tone and eye color variations to villagers


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Villagers all looking the same can be boring, so Villager Variety is here!

Villager Variety adds 9 skin tone (ranging from white to black) and 3 eye colors variations (green (vanilla), blue, and brown) for our beloved square-nosed who can only mutter and trade items for... interesting prices.

There are 3 Villager Variety download options:

  • Biome Dependent: Skin tones appropriate for the climate of the biome where the villager spawned
  • All Mixed: Completely random skin tones, no matter what biome you are in
  • Fresh Animations Add-ons (of the 2 versions above): Requires Fresh Animations resource pack

Choose freely what you think is best or what you like more

This resource pack makes use of OptiFine Random Entities feature