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Villagers all looking the same can be boring, so Villager Variety is here!

Villager Variety adds 9 skin tone (ranging from white to black) and 3 eye colors variations (green (vanilla), blue, and brown) for our beloved square-nosed who can only mutter and trade items for... interesting prices.

There are 3 Villager Variety download options:

  • Biome Dependent: Skin tones appropriate for the climate of the biome where the villager spawned
  • All Mixed: Completely random skin tones, no matter what biome you are in
  • Fresh Animations Add-ons (of the 2 versions above): Requires Fresh Animations resource pack

Choose freely what you think is best or what you like more

This resource pack makes use of OptiFine Random Entities feature

This resource pack is also avaiable on CurseForge