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Aerie Shaders

Pipeline shader for Canvas that adds antialiasing and better bloom. Other than that, it's mostly vanilla. You are free to use this as a template or tutorial pack for your own projects.

how to use third-party shaders with canvas

  1. Be sure you're on 1.18.2 or above. Support is not guaranteed for versions that Canvas doesn't actively support.
  2. Install Fabric and get some cool mods that you like
  3. Get Canvas Renderer mod through Modrinth. Keep in mind that Canvas does not work with Sodium, Iris, OptiFine, or OptiFabric.
  4. Download your preferred pipeline shaderpack
  5. Launch your game, put your pipeline resource pack into your resource packs folder and enable the resource pack.
  6. Activate your pipeline in Options / Video Settings / Canvas / Pipeline Options / Pipelines