A shader for Iris & Optifine that aims to providing realistic visuals with very minimal performance loss. Almost every effect/feature can be fine-tuned for the ideal balance between performance and quality. This project is still in beta but will be reaching initial release very soon!


  • HDR
  • Full PBR support
  • Dynamic, direct, colored block lighting
  • Volumetric fog/lighting
  • Automatic exposure
  • Screen-space reflections
  • Water waves & refraction
  • Supports distorted and cascaded shadow mapping.
  • Depth-of-Field
  • Bloom

Also contains special support for PhysicsMod ocean waves & snow!

Resource Packs

Supports LabPBR and OldPBR texture formats; The default setting for materials is "vanilla", which hard-codes a limited set of PBR material values for the original Minecraft textures.

The recommended resource pack is Patrix; when used make sure to set the shader setting for Material Format to "Patrix", as it uses a special combination of OldPBR and LabPBR formats.

Compatibility & Support

For best results use Iris 1.6 or later; however most features should work with Optifine or Oculus. If you have any suggestions or requests, you can reach out to me on the ShaderLabs Discord.

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