Q: What's the difference between the main edition and the modded edition?
A: Main has the most features, but doesn't work properly for some mods that use fancy rendering techniques. Modded aims to fix this issue, by using a completely different rendering pipeline, but that pipeline doesn't allow for some of the effects that main has. Use whichever edition works best for you.

Q: Will there ever be shadows?
A: No. Drawing the shadow map requires rendering the world twice per frame instead of just once, which will roughly half your framerate. This is an unacceptable performance loss for a pack designed to be lightweight.

Q: Does Iris support this pack?
A: As of version 1.5 of Iris and V2.10.0 of QOL, yes!

Q: Are there any config options that increase framerate?
A: Yes: Fancy Clouds and Blur are the most expensive options in this pack.

Q: I see Twilight Forest in the gallery. What is that?
A: Twilight Forest is another mod, which you can download here.

Q: The twilight forest looks broken/looks like the overworld.
A: MC 1.16 broke support for modded dimensions and neither OptiFine nor Iris has fixed that yet.

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