Builder's QOL Shaders has been archived. Builder's QOL Shaders will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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  • All: Updated to MC 1.20.3, which renamed "grass" to "short_grass".
  • All: Lava overlay no longer applies in spectator mode (iris only).
  • All: Added slider for amount of refraction to apply to water.
  • All: Many Y level-related effects now adjust to the height of the world automatically (iris 1.6+ only).
  • All: Smoothened out noise on lava when "randomize lava brightness" is enabled.
  • All: Overworld and end now respect vanilla fog distances. This should hopefully improve compatibility with mods which change how fog works. The fog density curve remains unchanged.
  • All: Re-added support for the twilight forest after it broke in MC 1.16 (iris 1.6.5+ only)


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