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A Minecraft Java shader that attempts to maintain a minimal "vanilla" aesthetic, while adding some optional features:

  • Waving Plants.
  • FXAA (anti-aliasing).
  • Sharp/Soft Shadows.
  • CSM (Cascaded Shadow Mapping). *
  • Dynamic colored lighting. *
  • Ray-Traced block-light shadows. *
  • Volumetric fog lighting.
  • POM (Parallax Occlusion Mapping).
  • Normal Mapping.
  • Specular (shininess).

* Feature only available with Iris 1.6 or later!

Special Thanks

  • Fayer: very extensive help with QA, support, repairs, and motivation.
  • Builderb0y: help with optimized bit-magic supporting the core of voxelization.
  • Bálint: Created the fancy Iris warning, as well as more help with bit-shifting madness.
  • Tech: Helped implement improved soft shadow filtering & dithering.

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