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-Adjust sunlight brightness

-Fix TAA weird blur artifact

-Fix incorrect light of Global illumination

-Update for 1.19.4

-Update for 1.20+

-Improve performances of Volumetric clouds, Planar clouds, Volumetric light, Volumetric fog and Atmospheric scattering

-Improve temporal anti aliasing

-Fix Sunlight ggx brdf

-Fix Lab PBR emissive texture

-Update to 1.19+

-Update quality of life

-Iris shaders mod compatibility (/!\ Only version 1.4 and + /!)

-Add cave fog

-Add bloomy fog (affect Volumetric light and fog)

-Add No Waves preset in water waves settings

-Tweak atmosphere and sunlight color

-Tweak volumetric fog shape

-Add random temperature color for stars

-Change shape of 2D clouds

-Improve clouds lighting

-Improve water fog

-Fix sunlight ggx hightlight

-Fix clouds transmittance

-Fix reflection on terrain in low profile

-Update for 1.17+

-Add Volumeric light

-Add Breath of the Wild tonemap type

-Add porosity to rain puddles (see Lab PBR doc for more info)

-Improve volumetric clouds

-Improve volumetric fog

-Improve planar clouds

-Improve Global illumination

-Improve overhaul visual

-Tweak ambient occlusion

-Tweak sunlight color

-Tweak auto exposure

-Tweak Aces tonemap

-Tweak Temporal anti aliasing

-Rework diffuse lighting

-Fix enchantement render

-Fix broken shadow map in far render distance

-Fix indirect light accumulation

-Fix water fog skylight when it in underground

-Temporal Anti Aliasing is now enabled in Low profile

-Compatibility with AMD and Intel

-Fix water in boat

-Fix some incompatiblity with Aces code (const function issue)

-Fix some incomatibility with RSM code (depth function issue)

-Fix entity color when they take damage

-Fix TAA closest fragment position

-Fix TAA name in en_US.lang

-Fix volumetric fog seen underwater

-Fix entities and hand normal

-Fix terrain normal mapping

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