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A basic Minecraft data pack & Fabric/Quilt mod that adds some improved crafting recipes to the game.


A full list of recipes in this data pack/mod can be found on the wiki.

A brief overview can be seen on the Gallery page.


Minecraft Version Data Pack Version Mod Version
1.20.5 (24w09a) v1.5.0-beta8 Coming Soon
1.20.2 - 1.20.4 v1.4.0 v1.4.0+mod
1.20 - 1.20.1 v1.3.0 v1.3.0+mod
1.19.4 v1.2.1 N/A
1.19 - 1.19.3 v1.0.0 N/A

Other versions can be found here.

Support & Feature Requests

Please open any support requests or feature requests on GitHub or on Discord.

Some things to note

  • This data pack was thrown together a while ago for a small community, I figured others may enjoy the small changes it brings.
  • I don't intend to update this pack with new recipes unless they are requested/worth adding or there are changes to the game that warrant new recipes.
  • I will try to keep the pack up-to-date with the latest versions of Minecraft where possible.


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