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Gamingbarns Guns Header Gamingbarn's Guns enhances your Minecraft world with the addition of 15 brand new firearms, 9 enriching medical supplies, 8 game-changing equipment items, and 3 defensive turrets. Each item offers unique benefits and drawbacks to enhance the tactical depth of your gameplay.

All of the recipes of the items can be viewed in game via three crafting manuals. The Gun Crafting Manual can be crafted with a book and an gunpowder, the Equipment Crafting Manual can be crafted with a book and a iron ingot, & the Medical Crafting Manual can be crafted with a book and an apple. All recipes can also be viewed on

You shoot the guns with right click and reload by pressing F, or whatever key you have bound to "swap with offhand".

A bunch of standard guns on a table Gamingbarn's Guns, as the name implies, adds guns to Minecraft! The guns on the left come from the "Standard" category of guns. Standard guns are meant to mimic realistic, real-life firearms. These guns aren't too expensive and can be obtained quite early-on!
The guns on the right come from another category of guns, the laser guns! Laser guns are quite expensive, but they deal so much more damage! The laser guns can decimate almost any single target! A bunch of laser guns on a table
A bunch of medical items on a table Gamingbarn's Guns adds more than just guns, it adds various medical supplies/items as well! These items are very helpful in combat with monsters, and are a necessity in combat with other players. These items mostly heal HP, but some also provide powerful buffs!
Arguably one of the most important features added by this datapack is its turrets. The turrets are very powerful defensive items that can be placed anywhere. They can shoot monsters or players. Different turrets are better suited for different positions. A bunch of turrets guarding an entrance through a wall
A bunch of C4s are on a brick wall throwables lie on the ground nearby There are quite a few different equipment items added by Gamingbarn's Guns. There are C4s, Landmines, and numerous new throwables. C4s are great at controlled explosions, landmines are good for defense if used correctly, and the throwables are excellent for combat AND destruction!

Gamingbarn’s Guns adds a ton of new features, to see full, detailed documentation about each feature added by this datapack go to!

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