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🌲 About

Geophilic is a data pack that improves vanilla Overworld biomes in a subtle and simple way! The main inspiration comes from scrapped illustrations for what was supposed to be the Wild Update - this is essentially meant to be a collection of light improvements to vanilla biomes without any new blocks, items, or even new biomes.

Main changes are made to the rarity and density of certain biome features, such as grass, fern, or flowers. New features are added too - rocks, fallen trees, moss, tree stumps, bushes, and sometimes new types of trees. Most trees are however left almost fully vanilla, with the only change being how tall naturally occurring trees generate, so you don't bump your head so often!

Basically, this isn't meant to be an epic terrain overhaul, but rather a simplistic and nice way to update the feel of vanilla biomes to the new standard, without making them feel too out of place.

📦 Content

1.0.0: Taiga, Birch Forest, Old Growth Birch Forest, Desert, Flower Forest, Forest, Swamp, Windswept Forest and Windswept Hills
1.1.0: All above plus Dark Forest, Badlands, Savanna and Savanna Plateau
1.2.0: All above plus Plains
2.0.0: Badlands, Birch Forest, Dark Forest, Deep Ocean, Desert, Eroded Badlands, Flower Forest, Forest, Old Growth Birch Forest, Old Growth Pine Taiga, Old Growth Spruce Taiga, Plains, Savanna, Savanna Plateau, Snowy Plains, Snowy Slopes, Stony Shore, Sunflower Plains, Swamp, Taiga, Windswept Forest, Windswept Savanna, Wooded Badlands

See the gallery for pictures!

📝 Note

This mod only affects vanilla biome files and adds configured and placed features, which is important because it means it is compatible with other mods and data packs that change the way your terrain generates. It is also fully server-side.

Please know that this mod is still in development and new versions may differ slightly. I may make any changes, including the removal of features. While Minecraft can handle this and updating the mod will not corrupt your world, it's still best to make backups.

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