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Stellarity is a datapack (or a datapack-packaged-as-mod) for Minecraft 1.20 which focuses on heavily rehauling The End dimension in a unique and a fairly lively way, centered around the lore based on the idea of the Illagers discovering The End long before the player spawns into the world of Minecraft.


Stellarity started off as a direct port of the Far End datapack in December of 2021, for a server known back then as Azalea Network. As time passed, it eventually grew into its own independent project. Upon the initial release, it was known as FokaStudio's Ender Expansion, but was rebranded 2 years later shortly before being posted to CurseForge.




A total of 15 new biomes has been added into the game, combned with rehauling the already existing 4 vanilla ones. Biomes are divided into 3 categories - barren, lively and in-between those two.

The island shape is also nothing like in vanilla, being of varying height, shapes and thickness. No more ugly isles on one and the same Y level.


Traverse through the bright and sparkling Amethyst Forest, or venture deep into the beating Flesh Tundra. Take a bath in the water in the Ashfall Deltas (however I advise you not to do it). Immerse yourself in the tall grass of the End Midlands. Or if you'd rather sit down and relax, go to the Prismarine Forest - there are a few biomes in the pack which don't spawn any hostile monsters and act as small safe zones where you can catch your breath in this deadly world of Light and Dark magic.


There was supposed to be a cool gif of me using one of the new weapons here, but I am yet to learn how to properly use Replay Mod. Sorry for the inconvienience!

No End Expansion would be complete without some magical weapons to add to your arsenal! Or just fun items which could be used for... item stuff.


Right after defeating the Ender Dragon, the Altar of The Accursed awakens. Its dark powers can be used to perform a few special rituals, and by that I mean:

  • Crafting strong late game gear;
  • Unbinding enchantments from an item and transferring them to an unenchanted Book;
  • Changing the trail an Elytra produces while flying (more on that later!).

There are at least 40 different new items for you to find and have fun with, about 20 of which are actually usable weapons. Stellarity also adds 3 new armor sets which act as an upgrade to Netherite Armor, each focusing on upgrading either defense, offense or mobility.

But Stellarity doesn't add only swords and bows! Other than a few fun items (like e.g. a reusable Ender Pearl) or useful ones (e.g. a pickaxe which gets extra drops from Stone), there is also a whole new category of gear - trinkets. Trinkets provide a special bonus while held, and in Stellarity, this can be truly anything - stars falling when hurt, electric dashes, pacifying nearby mobs...


Once again, I plan on adding some images/gifs here, so you don't have to look at a wall of text! So sorry about that.

There is no way I can turn that section into a neat looking paragraph, so here, have this bullet list instead:

  • Elytras produce a small trails while flying. It doesn't change anything, but it sure looks nice, and it can be customized with Duyes on the Altar of The Accursed! Combine with a Water Bucket to remove applied dyes.
  • Tridents with Loyalty return to the player when falling into the void. Because it never made sense for them to just abandon players like that.
  • Totems of Undying now save players from dying in The Void. Players will be teleported 200 blocks upwards and will be granted the Slow Falling effect to make sure they can land safely.
  • Void Fishing! Cast your Fishing Rod anywhere into the air below you in The End (but not directly into The Void - no fish dare to swim that low) and wait until something bites your hook! Almost every End biome has its own loot table with a variety of items you can catch in the process, including (but not limited to!) a few new types of fish.
  • Lingering Potions have been heavily buffed. Mathematically speaking, they are about 66% better now and about 400% more useful.
  • End Crystals can now be destroyed with left click. This will cause them to drop in their item form. Sneak and break them to instead to make them explode.
  • Throwing certain items into the water in The Hallow biome will slowly transform them into a completely different item! The are a lot of possible transmutations and most of them work both ways, making some materials farmable or obtainable in an easier way.
  • Probably a few more small changes I forgot about. But hey, that means there is more for you to discover!
  • Eyes of Ender thrown in The End point towards the nearest End Gateway, which can be quite handy for returning home.

The End is no longer home only to Endermen and Shulkers. Some biomes will spawn additional monsters. Just in case bridging over The Void wasn't difficult already.


The Ender Dragon fight has been reworked. The beast has more health, possesing a total of 300 HP plus some base armor points, meaning it takes reduced damage. Crystals no longer heal the Dragon, rather making it invulnerable to all damage until all are gone! Dragon also perches a bit more rarely and the fireball attack has been replaced by a more powerful variant which deals more damage and is more difficult to dodge (at least when compared with the vanilla fireball attack). After being brought to 1 health, the Ender Dragon will fly to the Exit Portal and wait for you to deliver the final hit, staring at you in complete defeat, seeing as it was unable to defend the dimension from having more visitors...

Mobs in The End have also been buffed, possesing more health and dealing heavier damage (including Endermen). Endermen also have a chance to inflict Darkness on hit on higher difficulties.

Endermen have also seen a small rework to their drops:

  • In the Overworld, they will drop Chorus Fruit instead of Ender Pearls.
  • In the Nether, they will drop Ender Pearls like they normally would.
  • In The End, they will have a chance to drop an Eye of Ender in place of an Ender Pearl (look into the Mechanics section to see how useful this actually is!).

If you are up for a challenge, go to The Hallow and look for a large cherry garden - the Chapel of Light. You can summon the Empress of Light there - a brand new boss and a beautiful bullet hell fight (and a pretty obvious reference...). Not challenging enough? Spoiler alert: she gets stronger if confronted in the light of day in the Overworld, and she even gets new powerful drops as a reward!



End Cities have been redesigned from ground up. Instead of only acting like a source of Elytras, there are now 4 new items which can be found exclusively in the End City Chests. Additionally, players are completely unable to break or place blocks while near a City until all of its Protective Crystals (found at the very top of the City toweres) are destroyed. Shulkers have also been heavily buffed, having differently colored variants which all do different when attacking.

Strongholds have been redesigned too! They are now about 7x larger and feature huge amounts of Illagers. They are not willing to just allow players to enter The End, they were first after all! Though it almost feels like they don't want to enter it again either...

Small ambient structures have also been scattered across The End to bring some more life, lore and personality to the dimension.


  • 🎨 There is an optional resource pack for Stellarity. It isn't required at all, but it allows all new items to have custom textures. Click HERE to download it.

Note that all mod JARs already have it embedded.

  • ❗ Adding it to an already existing world requires you to reset The End (or just use a new world).
  • ⚙️ The pack has a small per-world config available under /function stellarity:cmd/configuration.
  • ❌ Stellarity items do not show up in the creative menu. I might implement that one day, but for now, please do either /loot give @s loot stellarity:items/<item> or /function stellarity:cmd/give/<category>.
  • 🌐 Since Stellarity is only a datapack packaged as a mod this means that it is fully server-sided. This makes vanilla clients able to join servers running Stellarity, but also makes it unable to add any new blocks and actual items. I also don't have enough time to learn Java and get into proper modding, altough a proper mod port is being worked by some people on my Discord server.
  • 🎵 By default, Stellarity doesn't come with its music. You can download an additional resource pack which contains all new music tracks HERE.

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Bisect Hosting

Multiplayer Installation

Make sure to set enable-command-blocks in to true.

❕ NOTE: this section below applies only to servers running Spigot or any of its forks (Paper, Purpur, etc.).

After dropping the datapack into the world/datapacks folder, delete the world_the_end folder (if present) and turn on your server.

There is a bug where the Altar of The Accursed doesn't load at all on servers. You can do /function stellarity:cmd/generate_end_island_features to generate it manually. This is a very peculiar bug which I was unable to fix as it never happened on any of my Singleplayer test worlds.

If the vanilla exit portal generates overlapping the Stellarity's one, turn off your server and delete only the DIM1 folder found inside world_the_end, then turn it on again. After it is finished loading, run the command from earlier to generate missing End Island features.

Incompatible mods

I can't test compatibility with every mod out there. If you know that Stellarity is causing issues with a particular mod, make sure to report it to me so I can include it on this list.

Fully incompatible
  • 🔴 Nullscape - will remain incompatible per creators's request.
  • 🔴 BetterEnd - causes a huge amount of of micro-biomes to generate scattered around the dimension.
  • 🔴 YUNG's Better End Island - there is really no way to make these 2 projects compatible since they both handle the main island changes in different ways.
  • 🔴 Any mod/datapack which grants players all recipes upon joining the world (unless you can disable specifically that feature in its config).
Partially incompatible
  • 🟡 Quark - make sure to disable unlocking all recipes in the config.
  • 🟡 JEI - like I stated, Stellarity is only a datapack packaged as a mod, so its items will not show up in JEI's recipe and/or loot browser. This might be implemented one day, but it isn't the highest priority.
  • 🟡 Spellbound Weapons - Endlight Bow and End Excalibur will not generate in End City chests. I am thinking of a way to make them do so as intended.

Screenshot credits

  • Dat1Mexican
  • Junbra


Supporting my work makes me able to keep on delivering amazing content!

All donators are given the ability to uniquely customize the visual/sound effects of one item in Stellarity to their own liking. Every player on a server will be able to see them! Donators also gain access to early sneak peeks of upcoming content before it is posted publicly and also a complimentary role in our Discord server.

Example Item Customisation

What you can customize:

  • Particles
  • Sounds
  • Extra effects (e.g. particles while held)

What you cannot change:

  • Item texture
  • Item description

All supporters are also free to leave a short message here for everyone to see! Huge thanks to all of my supporters! <3

  • CSS_Scripter
  • TaintendTofu
  • DrakenStrike
  • QuantumEmpress
  • Kier
  • GWDdoS
  • Cokenpizza
  • Budling
  • ferroh
  • rainzy
  • theammir

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