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True Ending dramatically overhauls the vanilla Ender Dragon. Fight a now much stronger Ender Dragon with multiple phases, increased health, and new attacks. Through other additions like longer lasting dragon breath and elegant particle animations, the Ender Dragon fight is now much more intense and more satisfying to beat.

Difficulty: Damage from the True Ending Ender Dragon is scaled by difficulty, so if you're looking for a greater challenge, set your world's game mode to Hard. This also works by making the fight easier with Easy mode.

Boss Music

True Ending adds boss music to the Ender Dragon boss fight! If you're using the datapack version, you'll have to download the resource pack by clicking here. Mod users won't have to install the resource pack as its already nicely installed along the mod jar file.


You can configure multiple settings in True Ending, like the Ender Dragon's health, through its settings menu by using /function true_ending:_settings in chat.

All Features

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  • Ender Dragon Health has increased from 200 HP to 300 HP
  • During the Ender Dragon boss fight, boss music now plays to all players at the center island
  • Ambient particles now surround the arena and players during the Ender Dragon fight
  • Added a dragon dive attack that creates a huge shockwave when the Ender Dragon hits the ground
  • Additionally, a variant where it performs 3 dives (Triple Dive) when perching at 75% health or lower
  • Added a chain fired Dragon Fireball attack
  • Added a huge laser attack
  • Added a final phase where the Ender Dragon hovers above the ground for the player to levitate and deal the last blow mid air.
  • Caged end crystal towers are now broken in a more intuitive way: A phantom guards it and when the phantom is killed, the cage is broken
  • At 10% HP the Ender Dragon will be immune to damage till perched. If not already perched or about to perch, it will forcefully perch after 30 seconds
  • Added an End Crystal counter when an End Crystal is broken displaying how many are left to break
  • Everyone within 128 blocks of the center end island now receives the "Free the End" advancement after defeating the Ender Dragon
  • Ender Dragon respawn animation revamped
  • When the Ender Dragon is respawned, a sound is played globally to all players in the end dimension
  • Added an animation for entering and leaving the end
  • Dragon Breath/Area Effect Clouds from Dragon Fireballs duration increased from 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Dragon Fireballs now deal damage directly on impact
  • Dropped Ender Pearls break from new Ender Dragon attacks (this is to prevent obtaining massive amounts of Ender Pearls from the Enderman killed during the fight)
  • Ender Dragon knockback resistance has been increased massively to prevent arrows from locking the dragon mid-air before perching
  • End Crystal fire is now soul fire


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