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  • Updated to 1.21!
  • Ender Dragon health option can now go beyond 1024 health (up to 4096)
  • Function clocks have been switched to scheudule clocks
  • Dragon breath should now correctly do area damage on 1.20.2-1.20.4
  • Dragon Breath can now be picked up from all Ender Dragon attacks
  • Added 2 new options for disabling boss music and dragon defeat music in the settings menu (affects all players)
  • Fixed issues that I somehow didnt catch regarding bossfight music looping
  • Fixed a bug where the guard phantoms could switch towers and bug each other out
  • Dragon breath area effect placers now properly work for 1.20.2 (changed Effects nbt to effects in overlay)
  • Optimizations!!
  • Fixed a bug where phantoms wouldn't generate around caged towers depending on the order of chunk loading

Click here to see changelog for v1.1

  • The True Ending ender dragon now has boss music! Click here to download resource pack for it
  • Caged end crystal towers are now broken in a more intuitive way: A phantom guards it and when the phantom is killed, the cage is broken
  • The ender dragon now initiates phase 2 once its at 66% health rather than at 50% health
  • A new attack has been added: Triple Dive. During phase 2 When the ender dragon is about to perch, it'll dive down into the end fountain not once but three times!

Smaller changes

  • The dragon fireball damage increased from 14 -> 16 damage
  • The dragon laser damage increased from 32 -> 34 damage
  • Dragon dive damage radius lowered by 2 blocks
  • If the dragon is perched when it reaches 10% health (the air invulnerability phase), the Dragon will now force itself into the air: the dragon will remain flying for 30 seconds before perching again
  • Removed the switching dimension animation (this will soon be added into vanilla refresh instead)
  • The huge dragon laser move now gives about 2 seconds more before it actually starts moving to give players more breathing room
  • 0 End crystals left text changed to "All End Crystals destroyed!"

probably some other changes but i forgor

  • Pack.mcmeta as working for 1.20.x
  • Ender Dragon attacks have been slightly increased in damage
  • Ender Dragon chainfiring attack occurrence chance increased from 1.5% -> 2% per second
  • Fixed a bug where the "Dragon Trail" setting would display with "End Crystal Counter" as its name
  • Fixed a bug related to the global sound and respawning the ender dragon

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