If using the Datapack version, I recommend installing the >> Optional Resourcepack <<

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Ultris is a Minecraft Boss Expansion datapack that expands Minecraft with 8 new exciting bosses to take on, each with their own quests and rewards. Explore multiple new boss structures, special items, and new foes for you to take on.

Unique boss patterns, boss music, stages, sounds and visuals all come together to create these awesome bosses, from bosses that can spawn early game, to bosses for the end game player.

To summon the bosses with cheats, use /function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu and select the option "Summon Bosses"


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To view more info on bosses, you can check out the Ultris wiki by clicking the link above. The Wiki is not complete, but it can be completed faster with your help! If you'd like to contribute to the wiki, join my Discord Server, ping @limesplatus#4730 and I'll allow you access to editing.


/function 1_splatus:ultris/admin_menu

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Creator/Programmer: • LimeSplatus#4730

Blaze King Music: • humanoid#9099

Optimization Help: • Holmes (iRedSC)#0281

Multiple Blaze King Tower Rooms By: • the game master#0666 , • Just Fan Account#2495 • Frektip#4587 • Churner#6711

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