Various Starting Loot

Datapack that creates a starting loot that depends on the biome in which the player appeared.

You can see examples in the gallery.


Datapack has two modes.

  • First one is enabled by default and spawns a barrel with loot near the first player in the world.
  • If you enable the second mode, loot will be given to the all new players directly in their inventories.
    • To enable this mode use /function various_starting_loot:settings.

Installing as dapapack

  • Download and install datapack in the world.
    • For a new world: You can click the "Data Packs" option when creating a new world and select this datapack.

Installing as mod

  • Download and put mod in your .minecraft/mods folder

If you have any questions, bugs, suggestions you can create an issue

p.s Terralith biome support is on its way

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