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A datapack that changes the standard loot of the bonus chest, now it depends on biomes.

You have to enable "Bonus Chest" to make the datapack work!!


🏞️Supported biomes:

  • 🌳Vanilla

  • 🌋Terralith (From version 4.0)


Datapack has two modes

  • First one is enabled by default and changes spawn bonus chest
  • If you enable the second mode, loot will be given to the all new players directly in their inventories as a chest, that they can place and get loot
    • To enable this mode use /function various_starting_loot:settings
    • In this mode you don't have to enable bonus chest at all

📂Installing as datapack

  • Download and install datapack in the world
    • For a new world: You can click the "Data Packs" option when creating a new world and select this datapack
  • Enable Bonus Chest

🔧Installing as mod

  • Download and put mod in your .minecraft/mods folder
  • Enable Bonus Chest


  1. How to enable bonus chest on server? Add --bonusChest argument to your JVM arguments
  2. Is it possible to get chest with bonus loot again? Yes, use /function various_starting_loot:loot
  3. Support for "X" datapack/mod Will be done someday if this datapack/mod is popular enough

If you have any questions, bugs, suggestions you can create an issue

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