Mine a single ore to break the full vein of the same ore! Veinminer is a common feature in various modpacks or survival pvp game modes like UHC to speed up breaking whole veins. Now you can you this feature as a datapack too!

From 1.2.1 -> Supports Silk Touch
From 1.2.0 -> Supports Fortune
From 1.1.0 -> Supports (Deepslate) Copper Ore

Customization & Settings

All commands are restricted to OP users. React/click on the settings messages to change them.

Command Description
/function veinminer:settings/pickaxe Limit or grant the effect for certain pickaxes
/function veinminer:settings/general Change some general settings to balance the effect

The Veinminer effect can be limited to certain pickaxes to balance the usage (default active for every pickaxe). Additionally, a hunger effect can be applied to veinminers to compensate the hunger debuff on mining multiple blocks. You can define an extra cooldown to limit the usage even more!

Some Advice

  • To veinmine, your pickaxe must be able to mine the ore in normal conditions
  • While the datapack is running very lightweight, mining unnatural big veins can lag the client and the server through the amount of items

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