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๐Ÿน Draw, Release, Conquer - Master the art of Archery!

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๐Ÿน Features

Archery skills

Find a Spell Binding Table in village Gazebos, or build your own.

Make your Archery Manual (spellbook of archers), and unlock all the archery skills.

Archery skills can be used with any bow or crossbow (vanilla, or even third party mods).

New equipment

Explore new, craftable spears, ranged weapons with varying characteristics, and armor pieces with archery bonuses!

Equipment bonuses are configureable in config/archers/items.json.

Auto-Fire Hook

Auto-Fire Hook is a new, craftable gadget, that can be attached to any bow or crossbow, to automatically release fully charged arrows. So arrows can spam shot by hold the use key (right click).

Compatible items are listed in the archers:auto_fire_hook_attachables data tag.

Rebalanced enchantments

Rebalanced vanilla enchantments for ranged weapons to scale in an equivalent manner compared to melee enchantments.

Power (for bows) gives +8% damage per level (instead of +50% per level).

Quick Draw (for crossbows) reduce draw time by 10% damage per level (instead of 20% per level).

Infinity available for Crossbows (turned on by default).

These changes are configurable in config/archers/tweaks.json.

Extended dungeon loot

Find powerful archery equipment in dungeon loot chests!

Loot table injections are configurable in config/rpg_series/loot.json.

New village structures

Find Archery Ranges in villages, where archery equipment is being sold!

The spawn weight and limit are configureable in config/archers/villages.json.

(When playing with Better Villages by JTL mod, it is recommended to disable spawning of small archery ranges in revamped villages, so only large ones will spawn)

๐Ÿ”ง Configuration

Skill use mechanics and HUD can be configured under Mod Menu / Spell Engine / Settings.

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