Better Combat

Better Combat


⚔️ Easy, spectacular and fun melee combat system from Minecraft Dungeons.

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Better Combat

Easy, spectacular and fun melee combat system from Minecraft Dungeons.

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🗡 Features

slash stab slam

Fancy attack animations

This mod includes several one-handed, two-handed and dual wielded attack animation resources.

Accurate weapon collision detection

No more pixel hunting with your cursor, you can now just swing your weapon and hit whatever is in the way. Enjoy playing in third person view. :)

Natural look and feel

Attacks have an upswing phase before the hit is actually performed, like in real life.

Weapon combos

Some weapons have a sequence of different attacks.

Dual wielding

Dual wield any one handed weapons! Use the attack hotkey to alternately attack with main-hand and off-hand.

Reworked Sweeping Edge

Weapon swing hitting multiple enemies deal reduced damage. To deal full weapon damage against all targets, you need to have Sweeping Edge enchantment.

Hold to attack

Hold the attack hotkey to spam attacks on cooldown (configurable).

Swing thru grass

Attack instead of mining zero hardness blocks (configurable).

Support any item from any mod (with data files)

Automatic compatibility with most mods (weapons without attribute file, will be automatically assigned a matching weapon preset, based on item id).

Super easy to add dedicated compatibility, support via Discord for partnering modders.

🔨 Add compatibility to any weapon

Add uniquely created or out of the box behaviour to any weapon from any mod, by just creating JSON data files.

Check out our integration guide here.

🔧 Configuration

Client side settings can be accessed via the Mod Menu.

Server side config can be found at:

  • General properties: config/bettercombat/server.conf

  • Fallback compatibility: config/bettercombat/fallback_config.conf

Automatically created with default values, upon loading any game world for the first time.

⛓ Compatibility

With an open source and modular mindset, this project is aiming for maximal compatibility. However, mods trying to change the same mechanics will never be compatible (such as dual wielding mods).

🤝 Partnerships

We partnered up with the following mods, to fully utilise the JSON API of Better Combat:

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