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πŸ“– About:

Armor Statues unlocks the full potential of armor stands. Not only can you finally give them something to hold in survival mode, you can also freely configure all body parts to pose armor stands as you please. And that's not all! There is a set of built-in poses to choose from, a settings panel for various properties of armor stands, and also great tools for positioning the armor stand, even in ways where you can use it to only display items. And best of all: This mod works on servers without it! You'll need operator rights though. And when the mod is installed on both client and server, all players can use it freely without any permission requirement. Also a few additional features will become accessible.

πŸ“š Contents:

To use the handy new screen added by Armor Statues, you'll have to shift + right-click an armor stand placed in the world. This will open the last screen you were using. Switch to different screens using the tabs to the left. Quickly switch between those tabs by pressing the Tab key.

The Rotations Screen allows you to freely move around head, body, both arms and both legs. Rotation values are restricted to a certain range to prevent weird rotations. To unlock this restriction, simply click the lock icon to move sliders on the full range of 360 degrees. When moving the sliders with your cursor isn't precise enough, try clicking a slider first, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move it around with greater accuracy.

The screen also offers buttons for reseting the current pose, for creating a random pose, and also two buttons for copying the current pose and pasting it elsewhere. You can only copy one pose at a time.

The next screen is the Poses Screen. Here you are offered a selection of bult-in poses to choose from. After selecting a pose you can also go back to the rotations screen to customize that pose. Built-in poses are the same as found on Bedrock Edition, so you might already be familir with them.

The Style Screen gives access to some of the basic armor stand options. You can also set a name, which will show above the armor stand, directly in the gui, so you don't have to use a name tag. The Sealed option is only available to creative mode players.

The Position Screen allows you to place the armor stand with great precision, you can also change the rotation. To be able to better see how you're rotating/moving the armor stand around, click the magnifying glass button to hide most screen elements and give you a clear view. When moving the armor stand around a lot it probably is a good idea to disable its gravity on the style screen.

The Alignments Screen is directly taken from the VanillaTweaks Armor Statues data pack. Here you can position an item or block held by the armor stand, and also hide the armor stand, so the item/block appears only by itself.

Finally the Equipment Screen gives you access to the armor stands equipment slots via a menu. This screen only shows up when Armor Statues is installed both client- and server-side.

πŸ“· Media:

Change rotations of every single body part    Choose a built-in pose, or set it as a base for your own
Set some settings, and select a name    Move your statue to an ideal spot with great precision
Enter focus mode to better see what you're actually doing    Use armor stands to place items in the world
Set new equipment directly in the screen     

πŸ’‘ FAQ:

Q: I cannot edit armor stands on my vanilla server!
A: Make sure you have operator right on the server you are trying to edit armor stands on. When not present on the server, Armor Statues sends vanilla commands to the server to change armor stand values.

Q: How do I configure this mod?
A: Mods can have three different kinds of configs depending on the kind of settings they provide: Client, Common, and Server.

Client and Common configs are found in /.minecraft/config/, named as <modId>-client.toml and <modId>-common.toml, respectively.

Server configs though are applied per world, therefore you'll find those in /.minecraft/saves/<world>/serverconfig/<modId>-server.toml for local singeplayer worlds, and in /<world>/serverconfig/<modId>-server.toml for you Minecraft server. Changes made to a server config only apply to that one world. Setting default values in server configs for all newly created worlds is possible by copying the modified server config to /.minecraft/defaultconfigs/.

In a local singleplayer world you can quickly find config files by running the /config showfile <modid> command and by choosing CLIENT, COMMON or SERVER. Then click the file name (ending with .toml) that appears in chat to open the file in a text editor. After saving the file, the config will automatically reload in-game after a couple of seconds, so no game restart required.

On some mod loaders editing configs is also supported in-game via the Mods menu option. On some Minecraft versions you can also install my Config Menus for Forge mod for editing configs directly in-game.

πŸ† Credits:

Developing Armor Statues was helped and inspired by: