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Audio Extension for FancyMenu

Audio Extension for FancyMenu

Add audio elements to FancyMenu layouts.

Client Utility

Created4 months ago
Updated16 days ago

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The audio extension for FancyMenu allows you to add audio elements to your layouts!

Audio elements are highly customizable and have some very nice features:

  • Add multiple sounds per audio element, to let them play as playlist
  • Use the index of sounds in an audio element to change their order or set the same index to multiple sounds to let them play in random order/shuffle mode
  • Set the MC audio channel of audio elements (master, music, etc.)
  • Set the base volume of sounds in audio elements, to adjust sound volumes individually
  • Set audio elements to loop
  • Let audio elements only play once per session
  • Toggle-mute a specific audio element by using the 'toggle_mute_audio' button action

To use this extension, just install it along with FancyMenu and you're ready to vibe!

Bug Reports and Requests

You can report bugs and request features either on GitHub or via Discord!


You can freely use this mod in modpacks.

Special Thanks

To my patrons:

  • Kreezxil
  • q!!!
  • Jolihan


FancyMenu Audio Extension Copyright © 2022 Keksuccino.
FancyMenu Audio Extension is licensed under DSMSL (DON'T SNATCH MA STUFF LICENSE).
See its GitHub repository for more information about this license.

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