Aurora's Decorations

Aurora's Decorations


A decorations-focused Minecraft mod.

Client and server AdventureDecorationGame Mechanics

Created2 years ago
Updated6 months ago

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  • Added Ukrainian translations (#51).
  • Fixed various slabs only dropping one item when breaking a double slab block.
  • Fixed multiplayer synchronization issues with book piles.
  • Made book pile unmodifiable for players in adventure game mode.
  • Added sign post waxing similar to sign waxing.
  • Added shelf NBT property locked.
  • Fixed render rules model injection issues.
  • Fixed shelves not respecting locks (NBT property Lock).
  • Fixed blackboard issues with ModernFix, improved texture fetching reliability.
  • Fixed glassboards not integrating correctly with LambdaBetterGrass.
  • Fixed some typo in the compatibility system of wood-based features.
  • Improved rendering performances of the painter's palette.
  • Improved compatibility for wood-based features.
  • Fixed wrong leaf texture on cherry wood stumps.
  • Fixed bad serialization of empty blackboards causing stacking issues.
  • Fixed X-ray with certain mods using double shelves blocks.
  • Fixed missing mushroom-derived blocks like mushroom stem pile, mushroom stump, etc.
  • Fixed missing copper sulfate wall lantern and possibly more.
  • Fixed some issues with the detection of wood types.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with other mods by requiring a fixed version of QSL.
  • [1.20] Changed item for brush action on blackboards to the new brush item.
  • [1.20] Changed painter's palette recipe to use the new brush item.
  • [1.20] Added custom models for the bamboo pile.
  • [1.19.4+] Reorganized creative tab injection of Aurora's Decorations items to match the new tabs.
  • Fixed Lavender Plains replacing Flower Forest biomes sometimes.
  • Improved Painter's Palette texture.
  • Switched ModelLoaderMixin to new Model API usage.
  • Added a world generation feature that generates a lonely sign posts indicating directions
  • Added Stripped Azalea Log and Stripped Jacaranda Log to c:stripped_logs block and item tags (#40).
  • Changed render rules directory from aurorasdeco_render_rules to aurorasdeco/render_rules.
  • Fixed painter's palette assuming the wrong slot when no tool is selected.
  • Fixed sign post blocks not being waterloggable.
  • Fixed sign post blocks crashing with Sodium when Indium is absent (hopefully) (#44).
  • Fixed being able to place stump blocks without a supporting block underneath (#42).
    • It is still possible to have floating stump blocks by pushing the block or destroying the support block.
  • Bumped required Quilt Loader to 0.17.6.
  • Fixed the client virtual resource pack being injected twice.
  • Fixed virtual tags being put at the wrong location, failing to load critical tags.
  • Improved buildscript to make porting easier in preparation to Mojang's new version model.
  • Updated virtual resource pack handling to use QSL.
  • Fixed incompatibility with Immersive Weathering (#28).
  • Fixed tables being detected as wood type (#32).
  • Fixed Painter's Palette 4th tool slot not being serialized (#34).
  • Fixed startup crash with Blockus and Promenade combined (#33).
  • Fixed screen handler types not being initialized correctly on dedicated servers.
  • Added Painter's Palette.
  • Fixed Jacaranda Leaves not being mineable with hoes.
  • Fixed shelves not fitting onto the side of chests.
  • Added EMI support.
  • Added missing French translations.
  • Removed redundant axe item mixins.
  • Improved accuracy of dynamic language generation after testing with French.
  • Improved dynamic language generation.
  • Improved Biomes You'll Go compatibility.
  • Initial release.
  • Added bunch of decorations.
  • Added bunch of worldgen features.

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