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This is a purely technical mod with the aim to increase inter-mod compatibility. By "purely technical" I mean that it won't add any content to your game.

The Problem

Mod creators are encouraged to use tags where possible, e.g. when creating a recipe. If mods are supposed to work together though, they should all share a same base of common "conventional" tags, which group certain items together. Not all developers add their items to common tags though, which means that a person playing with many mods or a mod pack creator might need to create long lists of all items which fulfill certain criteria to add them to specific tags.

The Solution

Upon loading a world, this mod will automatically populate some tags based on code conditions, covering all modded content as well.

It's mostly relevant for mod pack creators who need / want to configure mods by adding to specific tags - this allows them to e.g. easily add all armor items to a tag, because they'll all be bundled in c:armor.

As another example, all items which are equippable in the head slot will land in a tag called c:head_equippables:

Screenshot of the  tag

Additional Information

For an overview of the tags the mod currently adds, as well as the blacklist option via datapacks, view the README on GitHub.

If you have any suggestions for new tags, feel free to post them in the comments or open an issue on GitHub!

I hope this mod helps someone and makes their life a bit easier. :)

The mod icon is a composition of modified icons created by Lorc and Delapouite, found on

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